On this page I list and link most, if not all, of the poetry I have posted on this blog. They are divided into two phases, the current phase and the earlier phase.

I start here with the poems of the current phase, which started in January 2017. They are what I think of as perhaps my “literary” poems and are characterized by generally all using the Anglo-Saxon style of continuous alliterative verse that does not have stanza breaks. They also are not as Norse-Centric as the material of the earlier phase, and they work with broader themes. They are listed here in alphabetical order, except for the inaugural poem which comes first.

A Skaldic Eagle Takes Flight

Et in Arcadia Ego

Against Polarization and Hate

Hanging from a Tree


I’m with Them

Make Yourself Great Again


The Roots of Trees

Snowfall Across the Worlds

Solar Eclipse

Xicoy and the Heart

Now for the earlier phase poems. They tend to be very heavy on the Asatru and Norse Mythology (but there are exceptions) and are in a variety of meters. They have some subdivisions below, but I start with the major stand alone poems that have titles.

Absinthe: A Call to the Green Fairy

Ancient and Modern Dragons

Beer in Midgard

Binding of Fenrir, Part 1

Binding of Fenrir, Part 2

Building Asgard’s Wall

Call to Thor

Drápa of Battle Cry

Duel, Part 1

Duel, Part 2

Freyr and Gerd

Fyrir Íslensk Landvættirnar



Heathen Pride

Idunn’s Abduction, Part 1

Idunn’s Abduction, Part 2

Idunn’s Abduction, Part 3

Mead Quest

New Year’s Renewal

Nine Noble Virtues

Pagan Praise to Freyr


Rúnatal: A Poetic Translation

Runic Poem of the Nine Noble Virtues

Short Valentine’s Day Poem

Six Treasures

Sumartímadrápa (In Praise of Summertime)

Sumbel Toast to Odin

Sumbel Toast to the Einherjar

Sumbel Toast to the Folk

Thor’s Visit to Geirrod, Part 1

Thor’s Visit to Geirrod, Part 2

Ullr Poem


Vertrartímadrápa (In Praise of Wintertime)

Wrath of a Tiny Etin?

Wrath of Frost Giants?

Yule Poem

Now for the Háskólavísur series, a total of fifteen posts of poetry and saga-style prose from my time in Iceland and Norway working on a master’s degree in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies.

01 – Infamous Foodstuffs

02 – The Winds of Reykjavík

03 – My Heathen Hof

04 – Imagine Peace Tower

05 – First Snow in Reykjavík

06 – The Battles of Sæmundargata

07 – Nýtt Ár Ríma (New Year Rhyme)

08 – Climb the Mountain

09 – The Heart of the Slain

10 – The Suns of Summer

11 – Nýtt Land og Nýja Hof

12 – The Semester Sets In

13 – The Turning Wheel

14 – The End of the Degree

15 – Saga’s End

Finally, the minor poems I have posted on this blog. These are posts that are collections of calls to the gods, hallowings, sumbel toasts, and other things. Organized alphabetically by kind and posting order.

Calls 1 – Some Poetic Calls to Gods and Others

Calls 2 – More Calls to Gods and Others

Calls 3 – Further Calls to Gods and Others

Calls 4 – Calls to Other Beings

Eirik’s Hymn

Hallowings 1 – A Selection of Poetic Hallowings

Hallowings 2 – More Poetic Hallowings

Preview of a New Rúnatal

Prayers to the Gods, Part 1

Prayers to the Gods, Part 2

Staves for Daily Use, Part 1

Staves for Daily Use, Part 2

Toasts 1 – A Short Series of Sumbel Toasts

Toasts 2 – More Short Sumbel Toasts

Toasts 3 – To Heroes and Ancestors

Toasts 4 – To Freyr and Other Beings

Toasts 5 – Further Short Sumbel Toasts

Last updated on January 20, 2019.


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