A Yule Poem

The Yule vacation for this blog has ended, and today I present a short poem in honor of Yule. It is in four stanzas of fornyrðislag. Its title is “A Yule Poem.”

Snow is falling,
silently without,
on the ground gleaming
and giving delight.
But the Wild-Hunt rides,
wending furiously,
when the cold-air
whistles outside.

Snow is falling,
silently without;
the folk meanwhile
are feasting within.
The halls are decked
and the hearth blazes,
showing the spirit
of this special time.

Snow is falling,
silently without;
of sumbel and blót,
celebration begins.
The gods are fained
in this frithful stead;
the might and main
of mead is flowing.

Snow is falling,
silently without;
to gods’ folk gathered,
a Glad Yule comes.
With waxing light
the wheel has turned,
and holy blessings
are brought to the kin.

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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