A Sumbel Toast to the Einherjar

In January, I posted a special longer sumbel toast to Odin and said that it was part of a three round sequence of more-elaborate-than-usual sumbel toasts. Today I present the second toast from that sequence, intended for the second round of a typical sumbel, wherein one gives toasts to heroes and ancestors. Like that Odin toast, it is written as a seven stanza ljóðaháttr drápa, with the final stanza ending in a galdralag couplet; the refrain is italicized. As with the other toast, I have completely anglicized the spelling of the Norse names and words.

Now I turn
my needful praise
to the heroes in Odin’s hall;
With mead I toast
those mighty dead
who eternally fight and feast.

Hail to the Einherjar,
the heroes of Odin,
those champions chosen in battle;
they feast in Valhalla
with the father of victory
on the best of boar and mead.

The cream of the Folk
are called for that host;
the honor of the Einherjar is eternal.

The greatest of warriors
have gained that hall
by trusting in might and main.
Their deeds and doings
of daring in battle
inspire our spirits today.

With glory in Gladsheim,
together they dwell;
the honor of the Einherjar is eternal.

The greatest of skalds
have gained that hall
through pouring the mighty mead.
In the workings of wyrd
their words live on:
the great reward for wode.

The lives they lived
are a light to heathens;
their glory is undying in death.
For showing the way
to that shining hall,
Hail to the Heroes of the Folk,
Hail to Odin’s Einherjar!

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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