What are you, really? The walking rudiments
of upward evolution to an Übermensch?
If you’d aim for that goal of ultimate Ascent,
sorting yourself is seriously needful,
to know what you’re not and know what you are.
Runes aplently are realized in the process.
You have a body, but here’s the truth,
you’re not your body — you need to experience
this fact intensely as a feeling in your bones
to further your growth. Fit you should keep it,
but it’s just not you. Judge next your emotions,
those fluid phantoms of fleeting sensations.
Tougher this is, they’re a tangled mess
not firmly grasped ‘twixt finger and thumb:
they’re hard to locate, whether hate or love
or anger or others. Always remember,
your “I” has emotions, but emotions you aren’t.
You have a mind — a Huginn and Muninn,
both thought and memory — but think carefully,
for you are not your mind, though needful it is.
It often refuses to answer to you!
What about wode, the wonder of inspiration?
You’re not that either, but now you can
better contemplate its being and role,
a crucial force for the clever skald
and for working magic. What could be left,
after all of that? Only your center
of will and self, the one who sees,
the ultimate subject of the objects you have:
your mutable mind, emotions, and body.
With that diamond spark, identify yourself
for the upward evolution of your inner being.

(Next week, this blog will probably take a week off, but it remains to be seen.)

Copyright © 2017 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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