Toasts to Freyr and Other Beings

Today I present four more short sumbel toasts, one each to Freyr, the elves, the dwarves, and the landwights. All are in ljóðaháttr.

A Toast to Freyr

Hail Freyr,
a friend to all,
and lord of light and elves.
The bane of Beli
is a bringer of frith
we honor for excellent harvest.

Gerð’s husband
is gracious and kind,
that celebrated son of Njörð.
For peace and pleasure,
and prosperous seasons,
Hail to fruitful Freyr!

To the Elves

Hail to the Álfar
in the heights of Álfheim,
those awesome fathers of the Folk!
For your frith and help
for your Folk in Midgard,
Hail to you holy elves!

To the Dwarves

Hail to the dwarves
in dark-elf home
for the many crafts they ken.
For the might and main
they make into treasures,
Hail to the industrious dwarves!

To the Landwights

To the wynnful wights
that ward this land,
in frith and fellowship we’ve come.
Our thanks and praise
we pour to you all;
Hail to the holy landwights!

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


One thought on “Toasts to Freyr and Other Beings

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