Toasts 5: Further Short Sumbel Toasts

Today brings three more short sumbel toasts, one each to Ægir, Óðinn, and Iðunn. All are in ljóðaháttr, and all are two stanzas each, and the stanza break has been removed to avoid confusion. The Óðinn toast features some of his other names. Also, the spellings have not been anglicized this time.

A Toast to Ægir

Hail Ægir,
Hlér of the oceans,
and brewer of Asgard’s ale.
The best of banquets
with beer he hosts,
brewed in the biggest of kettles.
The spouse of Rán —
they spawn together
the billowing white-capped waves.
For mead brewing
and the might of the seas,
Hail to Ægir the Ale-smith!

A Toast to Óðinn

Hail to Gaut,
God of Heroes:
he speeds them toward their wyrd.
Hail to Ygg
who hung on the Tree:
the rede of the runes he got.
Hail to Woden
who won the Mead:
powerful poets he makes.
To the god of heroes
who is a hero himself,
Hail to Awesome Óðinn!

A Toast to Iðunn

Hail to Iðunn,
the apple lady
and glorious goddess of youth!
Bragi’s wife
has blessed our faith
with valued youth and vigor.
For the bounty of blessings
she’s brought to our troth,
I pour my praise today.
For her luscious fruit
that is life itself,
Hail to helpful Iðunn!

Copyright © 2014 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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