Several of Eirik’s scholarly works are available to the public. Here’s what’s out there so far.

Thesis Stack

• Westcoat, Eirik. “A Vision of the Skald: Seeking the Ideal in the Probable Works of Snorri Sturluson.” MPhil thesis, University of Oslo, 2016.
This, his master’s thesis, is available at the University of Oslo’s public research archive: <>. It’s 36,000 words, exclusive of notes and bibliography.

• Almqvist, Bo. “Concerning the Icelandic Spell-Poets.” Translated by Eirik Westcoat and Teresa Dröfn Njarðvík. Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft 15.1 (Spring 2020): 58–91.
Curious as to what Eirik’s PhD thesis is about? This is his translation (with Teresa Dröfn Njarðvík) of Bo Almqvist’s seminal article on the kraftaskalds, and it’s available at <> and now also open access at <>. It’s still the best introduction to the topic, even after 60 years — which is why he translated it. 🙂

• Westcoat, Eirik. “Old Norse Skaldic Authority: Tracing Its Manifestations.” Scandia Journal of Medieval Norse Studies 2 (2019): 66–94.
This, his article on the kinds of prestige and authority that Old Norse literature attributed to poets, is available at the journal’s website, <> and also at his page <>.

Saga-Book XL

• Westcoat, Eirik. “The Goals of Galdralag: Identifying the Historical Instances and Uses of the Metre.” Saga-Book 40 (2016): 69–90.
This, his article on galdralag published by the Viking Society, is available on his page: <>.


Odroerir Logo

• Westcoat, Eirik. “The Valknut: Heart of the Slain?” Odroerir: The Heathen Journal 3.2 (November 2015): 1–23.
This, his article on the valknut, published by Odroerir, is available on his page: <>. It is usually also on the Odroerir website, although that site may be down for maintenance: <>.


Eirik also presents his research at academic conferences. Here’s a listing of some of his past presentations:

• “The Kraftaskalds and their Saga Precursors.” At the 17th International Saga Conference, Reykjavík, Iceland, August 2018. Session Theme: Ideas and Worldview — The Supernatural.

• “Old Norse Skaldic Authority: Tracing its Development.” At the 52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo Michigan, May 2017. [This material is in his published article on skaldic authority.]

• “The Poet’s Role: Heimskringla and Egils saga as a Guide to Snorri’s Vision for the Poet.” At the 5th annual Háskóli Íslands Student Conference on the Medieval North, Reykjavík, Iceland, April 2015.
[Material from this may be found in the Heimskringla and Egils saga chapters of his master’s thesis.]

• “Being a Poet: Snorri’s Mead Myth as an Esoteric Guide to Poetic Craft.” At the 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2014.
[This material may be found in the Snorra Edda chapter of his master’s thesis.]

• “What Goals had Galdralag? A Look at the Uses of the Meter.” At the 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2013.
[This material is in his published galdralag article.]