In Praise of Summertime

Now that warmer days have finally arrived in earnest in the Northern Hemisphere (or at least the tiny part of it known as Pennsylvania), I present a poem in honor of Summertime. Like my previous poem in honor of Wintertime, it is a drápa of ten stanzas in fornyrðislag.

The poem is called “Sumartímadrápa.” (The name is in Old Norse, and simply means “Summertime drápa.)

This song I brewed
with sweetest honey
to celebrate summer
and sun’s bright light.
I made this mead
with mirth today,
to fill the folk
with frolic and joy.

Sif and Iðunn
and Sunna we hail
for golden growth
in this greatest time.
Sweet summer is
of seasons best,
with birds and beasts
to brighten the world.

In sun and warmth,
we celebrate life;
the longer days
lift our spirits.
It is greeted as well
by the gods we honor,
for the force of life
is flowing strongest.

For the spirit of life
in this special time,
Summer and sunshine
we celebrate now.

The strong sunshine
and storms of summer
will grow the crops
that grace our tables.
The harvest’s bounty
is ahead for us;
from brightest light,
the best of food.

The warmth of summer
is welcomed by flowers;
bright and fragrant
they bloom this season.
Their nourishing nectar
is needed by bees
for the honey made
into heathens’ mead.

For the blessings brought
by brighter light,
Summer and sunshine
we celebrate now.

Loaded with leaves,
the limbs of trees
provide to us
their valued shade.
To the waters we wend,
in their warmth we swim,
and we take to the roads
for travel and leisure.

For the fun and frolic
of festival days
— the things and moots —
our thanks we give.
We gather to gift
our gods outdoors
with blue-sky above
our blessing-steads.

Hail to summer,
that happy season!
Enjoy the sunshine
of these joyful days
and savor well
the sounds I poured
in the skáldic mead
I skillfully made.

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All other rights reserved.


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