Iðunn’s Abduction, Part 3

And now the conclusion of the tale of Iðunn’s abduction, which was begun in part 1 and continued in part 2.

The Abduction of Iðunn, Part 3

“But the falcon flew,
fast to Ásgarð
and reached the safety
inside its walls.
Then set the Æsir
a sawdust blaze,
but the eagle was unable
to end its flight.

With feathers burned,
in the fort it crashed,
and quickly slain
was the sire of Skaði.
The gods and Lopt
then gathered around
the precious cargo
he placed before them.”

“A charm I speak
to change you back,
from nut to goddess again,
from nut to Iðunn anew.”

“Eat my apples,
Asgard dwellers;
regain your glorious youth,
regain your vital vigor.”

“Finally refreshed
and full of youth,
the gods were happy
and again carefree,
till Skaði with weapons
wended to Ásgarð,
thirsting for vengeance
for Þjazi her father…”

“Gods of Asgard,
my grievance you’ll hear —
I seek to avenge my sire.
Let the bane of Þjazi
in battle face me;
he will pay the price in blood.”

“Let us avoid
that vengeful bloodshed
and seek to settle with peace.
The Æsir now
will offer weregild —
atonements three for Þjazi.”

“The gods and Skaði
agreed on the terms:
a memorial, a husband
and making her laugh.”

“Here now choose
a husband from us
by simply seeing the feet.”

“I choose this one
with charming feet;
they ought to be on Baldur.”

“Njörðr of Nóatún
you’ve named as husband,
I’m happy to hear your choice.”

“Now release a laugh
from my lonely heart;
I don’t know how you’ll do it.”

“I’m master of mischief
and making laughter;
with goat I’ll get it done.”

He bound his balls
to the beard of that goat;
back and forth,
both were squealing.
He fell in her lap;
finally she laughed,
and another part
of the payment was filled.”

“As final payment,
I fashion now
for your father a fine memorial.”

“For Skaði’s weregild,
into the sky above,
Óðinn threw
the eyes of Þjazi,
shaped into stars
shining at night;
these bright beacons
are a brilliant tribute.

With atonements three
was Þjazi’s daughter
with the ruling Regin
reconciled and joined.
Thus Skaði we honor
for skis and snow
and wild winter’s
wondrous delights.”

[The end.]

Copyright © 2012 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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