A Trinity of New Books!

The Skaldic Eagle is please to announce more new books! All of these books are available in-person now from Eirik at East Coast Thing, Three Rivers Thing, and elsewhere. They are…

Odin’s Brew: Voices from the Heathen Northeast (August 2019)
• The first anthology published by Eirik’s Skaldic Eagle Press!
• Edited by Eirik Westcoat and Ned Bates.
• Foreword by Ristandi.
• Featuring nine heathen writers and artists: Ned Bates, Jill Evans, Stephanie Janicedottir, Laurel Mendes, Ristandi, Mike Smith, Jesseca Trainham, Perris Zoe Weiland, and Eirik Westcoat.
• Front cover photo by Angela Devin.
• The first-ever anthology of creative works centered around the East Coast Thing community.
• Just released mere days ago!
• See more details on the Odin’s Brew page.
• Or just jump to the Amazon listing to buy it.

Hail the Gods (October 2019)
• A smaller collection of poems from VPfHR, the first such collection from Skaldic Eagle Press.
• Cover art by Ermenegilda Muller.
• Now officially released on October 22.
• See more details on the Hail the Gods page.
Or just jump to the Amazon listing to buy it.

We’ve Seen the Same Horizon: Poems of Awakening (June 2019)
• The first anthology anywhere to include Eirik’s poetry!
• Edited by Christina Finlayson Taylor and published by The Red Salon (not by Eirik or Skaldic Eagle Press).
• There are many other great poets in here as well, with lots of Norse/Asatru-themed material.
• The book has even garnered praise from Stephen Flowers (aka Edred Thorsson).
• Also available from Amazon, where you can read more about it.