Toasts to Heroes and Ancestors

Since all of last week’s toasts were to the gods, this week I present toasts to ancestors and heroes. There are three of them, and each toast is two stanzas of ljóðaháttr.

A Toast to the Ancestors

Hail the ancestors
of elder times,
those famous folk and heroes.
They laid for our lives
the layers in the well —
the might and main of ørlög!

Today we do
our duty to them:
remembering well their works.
A fimbul full-horn
to those folk we raise.
Hail to our honorable ancestors!

A Toast to Heroes in the Lore

To Hengest and Horsa
who harried Britain,
and Beowulf of the glorious Geats,
To Sigurd and Sinfjötli
and Sigmund their father,
those valiant Völsung heroes,

To Bragi and Refur
and brilliant Egill,
poets who poured the mead,
and to numerous others
with names unmentioned:
Hail to the Heroes of the Folk!

A Toast to the Norsemen

Hail to the Norsemen
for the holy Thing,
that gathering of folk in frith,
that joining for joy
and justice-keeping:
one of their wondrous gifts.

For hallowed custom,
helpful tradition,
honorable ancestors’ wisdom,
valuable virtues,
and volumes of lore,
Hail to the noble Norsemen!

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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