Viking Poetry for Heathen Rites

Our first book, officially published on Wednesday, July 5, 2017, along with a companion audio release. Available in a variety of print and digital formats.

Viking Poetry for Heathen Rites:
Asatru Liturgy in Traditional Verse
Copyright © 2017 Eirik Westcoat
Skaldic Eagle Press
xxiv, 218 pages
Cover art by Jesseca Trainham

Casewrap Hardcover. ISBN 9781947407008.
List Price: $27.99. Available from IndieBoundAmazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Trade Paperback. ISBN 9781947407015.
List Price: $18.99. Available from IndieBoundAmazon, and Barnes & Noble.

PDF Ebook. ISBN 9781947407022.
List Price: $9.99. Exclusively on Lulu, available now!

EPUB Ebook. ISBN 9781947407039.
List Price: $9.99. Now on Apple iBooks, B&N NookKobo, and Inktera!

Kindle Ebook. ISBN 9781947407046.
List Price: $9.99. Exclusively on Amazon, available now!

Digital Audio. Viking Poetry: The Audio Collection.
List Price: $9.99. Exclusively on BandCamp, available now!
With 25 tracks, this is a collection of brand new audio recordings of several of the poems from the book, separately released as a companion album.

Here’s a brief version of the table of contents in the book:

Preface  …  xiii
Introduction to the Meters  …  xv
The Types of Poems in this Book  …  xxi
Chapter 1: Hallowing and Warding  …  1
Chapter 2: Poetic Tales  …  10
Chapter 3: Short Calls  …  46
Chapter 4: Long Calls …   83
Chapter 5: Ritual Dramas …   88
Chapter 6: Praise Poems  …  118
Chapter 7: Stand-alone Sumbel Toasts  …  150
Chapter 8: Sumbel Toast Sequences  …  159
Chapter 9: Prayers  …  174
Chapter 10: Short Charms  …  186
Chapter 11: Other Poems …   190
Index  …  211

You can also go to the Amazon page for the book, and then use the “Look Inside” function, where you can see the complete table of contents and the index, among other things.

FAQ’s and Such.

Q: International?
A: It is also be available on European Amazon sites. Just search for the ISBN number or the name “Viking Poetry.” Your local bookseller should also be able to order it if you prefer.

Q: What’s in it, beyond what that table of contents says above?
A: Many of the religious and mythological poems listed on my Poetry page are in the book. There are, however, many poems in the book that aren’t on that page. These include my award-winning Yggdrasilsdrápa and A Tale of Wisdom’s Well. In total, there are 72 short calls and 31 prayers. Three poetic dramas. My 24-stanza tale of the Brísingamen. Long calls to Óðinn, Thor, and Freyja. A Thor processional chant. And more. And the index has a guide to many of the kennings used — yes, really.

[Last updated: November 17, 2018]