Thor’s Visit to Geirrod, Part 2

Concluding from last week, here are the final seven stazas of “Thor’s Visit to Geirrod.”

To cross Vimur
then ventured Thor;
the river raged,
rising in flood,
with Gialp astride,
Geirrod’s daughter.
Thor was struggling
but thew a stone.

He did not miss
the mark he aimed;
the stone then stemmed
and stopped the source.
He grasped a rowan
by river’s edge;
thus it is hight
the help of Thor.

Thor and Loki
at last arrived
at Geirrod’s garth
and were given lodging.
The single seat there
Sonnung did take;
toward the roof
it raised him up.

With Gridarvol,
against the rafters
and pushing hard
he pressed down then;
Gialp and Greip
— Geirrod’s daughters —
had their backs broken,
were both under the seat.

For games in the hall
Geirrod called Thor
and threw a measure
of molten iron
at famous Veur,
the friend of men.
Eindridi caught
the iron with gloves.

The etin sought shelter
of an iron pillar;
but Thor briskly
flung back the lump.
It passed through pillar,
plunged through Geirrod
soared through wall,
and sank in the earth.

Here in Midgard
remember this tale
— with precious Odrerir
I poured it out —
for the evil of etins
on earth is lessened
by victorious Veur’s
valor in combat.

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.

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