A Special Sumbel Toast to Odin

It’s been nearly three months since I last posted sumbel toasts to this blog. The previous ones were short, two stanza toasts. This time, I present a longer, more formal toast in honor of Odin. It is the sort of thing that I write for the more elaborate sumbels that take place at large Asatru gatherings. It is written as a seven stanza ljóðaháttr drápa, with the final stanza ending in a galdralag couplet; the refrain is italicized. To make it more friendly to my readers, I have completely anglicized the spelling of the Norse names and words. I originally wrote it as part of a three round sequence of toasts; I may post the other two toasts at some point in the future. This is also a likely future audio recording.

This toast focuses on what I consider to be Odin’s most significant quests: the runes and the mead of poetry.

In quest I struggled
to quicken my words
and honor Odin tonight;
The drink of dwarves —
that draught I won,
and now I pour it in praise.

Hail to Odin,
the Aesir’s Lord
and greatest worker of wode.
The raven god
has roamed the worlds
and waxed in wisdom’s might.

This god of heroes
is the greatest hero,
for the best of the Aesir is Odin.

He hung wounded
on that holy tree
to gain the glorious runes;
with the price he paid
of pain and torment
were might and mystery won!

He is always seeking
to add to his wisdom,
for the best of the Aesir is Odin.

Suttung’s sumbel
he sought to steal
to gain the skill of skalds;
by knowing Gunnlod
for nights all three
were power and poetry won!

The Folk in Midgard
is fortunate indeed
to share in those greatest of gains;
for winning the Runes,
and winning the Mead,
Hail to the Heroes’ God,
Hail to Awesome Odin!

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “A Special Sumbel Toast to Odin

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