The Binding of Fenrir, Part 2

Now for the remaining seven stanzas of the Binding of Fenrir. Part 1 was posted last week.

Soft and smooth
like silken ribbon,
yet firm and fast as well:
The Æsir wished
the wolf to try
his strength against Gleipnir.

The wolf guessed
that guile and tricks
were used to form that fetter;
A pledge as proof
to place in his mouth,
he demanded from mighty Æsir.

And almost all
of Æsir refused
to pledge the price required,
but honorable Týr
offered his hand,
the weregild the wolf desired.

With the slender band
they bound the wolf;
that fetter firmly held!
But the wolf’s price
was paid by Týr:
in lying he lost his hand.

On Lyngvi Isle
in Lake Amsvartnir
Fenrir fast is held,
with Gleipnir by Gelgja
on Gjöll attached,
thrust by Thviti into ground.

A mighty sword
in his mouth is thrust,
that burden stops his bite.
Howling horribly,
Hope from his mouth
runs as a river of spit.

Fast today
that fetter holds,
and ever after still;
until that day
of terrible dark,
the time of Ragnarök.

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “The Binding of Fenrir, Part 2

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