Thor’s Visit to Geirrod, Part 1

Snorri presents a prose telling of this tale, and he also gives the passage from the Old Norse skaldic poem Þórsdrápa by Eilífr Guðrúnarson that tells the story as well. However, it is a fairly difficult skaldic poem, even when translated to English. (If you have Faulkes’ translation of Snorri’s Edda, you can find this tale on pages 81-86, or in chapter 18 of Skáldskaparmál in other editions.) Thus, a more accessible poetic rendition is needed.

My poem is in 14 stanzas of fornyrðislag, and is titled “Thor’s Visit to Geirrod.” The spellings have been anglicized throughout. I present the first half here today, and the second half will follow next Tuesday.

A warm welcome
I wish to have
for telling the tale
of a trip by Thor
to Geirrod’s garth
and the games in the hall;
the draught of dwarves
I draw for you now.

Loki borrowed
from Lady Frigg
her falcon shape
to fly the realms;
at Geirrod’s garth
a great hall was —
Lopt then landed
and looked in the window.

Geirrod ordered
they grab the bird;
Loki delayed
to the last moment
his flight to flee
that fellow’s grasp,
but found his feet
were firmly stuck.

The bird was bound
and brought to Geirrod;
on seeing the eyes,
an inkling he had
that a man it be;
he demanded the bird
speak in response;
speechless was Loki.

The unanswered etin
opened a chest
and brutally bound
the bird inside,
for three of months
to thirst and starve.
Re-asked at last,
Loki then answered.

To ransom his life,
Loki gave oaths:
to Geirrod’s garth
he’d beguile Thor,
without Mjollnir
and mighty girdle.
Released was Loki
to lure as promised.

To Grid’s garth first
as guest came Thor;
she gave warning
of Geirrod’s wiles.
Iron gauntlets,
a girdle of might,
and Gridarvol
she gave as well.

To be concluded next week.

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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