Iðunn’s Abduction, Part 2

Continuing from last week’s post, the tale of Iðunn’s abduction. A ritual drama entirely in poetic meter.

The Abduction of Iðunn, Part 2

“Thus Loki at last
was released by the eagle,
and back he went
to the band of gods.
The travelers three
returned to Asgard
with nothing else
of note to say.
Loki went then
to lovely Iðunn;
his oath to the eagle
he’d aim to keep.”

“Lady Iðunn,
come look at the apples
I’ve found in a special forest;
The best that you bear,
bring to compare;
you’ll like these luscious fruits.”

“I shall see
these sweet new apples;
Loki, lead me onward.”

“Once she was outside
the walls of Asgard,
from Þrymheim came
Þjazi as eagle.”

“Hello Iðunn,
I have you now!
Your apples will feed this eagle!”

“Help me Lopt,
Help me Loki;
Someone save me please!”

“To Þrymheim,
Þjazi took her;
But grey and old
the gods became,
lacking her famous
and luscious fruit.
The great Æsir
then gathered for moot.”

“Iðunn is gone
and the apples as well,
for she kept our old-age cure.
Where was last
the wife of Bragi
seen with Ase or Elf?”

“She left with Loki,
the last I saw,
going outside of Asgard;
But why it mattered
I remembered not,
though hard I thought and thought.”

“Let mischief’s maker
to this moot be brought;
Loki must answer to us.”

“Lopt in chains
was led to the moot
and terribly threatened
with torture or death…”

“Please, I beg you!
I promise I’ll find her,
whatever the price or pain!
Etin-home I’ll search,
and all I need
is the falcon shape of Freyja.”

“If of finest gold
were my falcon shape,
still to Loki I’d lend it.
Hurry fast,
and fly in search
of Iðunn and old-age cure.”

“As falcon he flew,
fast to Þrymheim;
Lopt was lucky,
its lord was away.”

“Hail Iðunn,
I’m here at last
to whisk you away to home.
Now hold still,
I need to charm
and shift your shape for flying,
and shift your shape for fleeing.”

“The falcon then flew
with the form of a nut
— Iðunn bespelled —
as he sped away.
The theft was discovered
when Þjazi returned;
the issue of Olvaldi
as eagle gave chase.”

“What happened?
Where’s Iðunn?
Loki will pay with his life!”

[To be concluded in Part 3 next week.]

Copyright © 2012 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.

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