Performances in Reykjavík!

Wassail! The Skaldic Eagle will be landing for three shows in early July as part of the first Reykjavík Fringe Festival. What does this mean?

The Skaldic Eagle performs Viking poetry in Viking meters to bring the old gods and old ways to today’s world. Considering himself an archaeo-formalist poet, the Skaldic Eagle not only believes in meter, but also in the Viking view of poetry that considered it to be a precious mead that was a gift from the gods to mankind. This is poetry for around a campfire or in a mead-hall, and poetry for exalting the majestic over the mundane. He is truly in a class of his own, one that is neither slam poet nor MFA poet. The performance will have two kinds of poems. Some will be poems of the ancient world: these are new compositions of stories from Viking mythology. The others will be poems of the modern world that frequently look back to tradition to find their grounding, filled with literary and cultural allusions.

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For the Facebook events pages for the shows, see the following:

July 4: 17:00-18:00 (Gaukurinn)
July 6: 18:20-19:20 (Icelandic Craft Bar / Secret Cellar)
July 8: 19:40-20:40 (Icelandic Craft Bar / Secret Cellar)


Háskólavísur 10: The Suns of Summer

The days passed and lengthened as the spring semester came to its final end, with the skald having won total victory over all the classes and exams. But it was time to head onward to future adventures. After a tearful goodbye, the Skald left Iceland, returning to his homeland just in time for the hot and humid summer and its bright and searing sun. After a long rest, the Skald reflected on his travels, the sun as a metaphor, and his upcoming journey to Norway and composed this verse:

In sorrow I left for southern lands,
alone to fly and from my lady parted,
to a sleep of a sort in a summer rest.
It readies my heart for the road ahead,
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Oops! There was an Error in the Calculations!

Alas, it would seem that there was an error in my calculations yesterday. It turns out that the stars are not right. Or maybe they were right, but only for yesterday. In any case, the terrifying madness brought on by my Cthulhu gnosis has subsided, and I have remembered who I am: an Asatru poet and writer, dedicated bringing the Mead to Midgard in service to Óðinn and Valhöll. Though it was only two days ago, it feels like centuries in a way.

For anyone out there who still hasn’t figured it out, I have only two final words about yesterday’s post:

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Change to Blog Schedule

Hail all. My blog will be taking what is hopefully a temporary reduction in update frequency in order to allow time for some other things, including work on a scholarly paper and a book of poetry. Instead of weekly, the updates will be biweekly for at least the next two months. Here’s the update schedule through mid May:

March 19
April 2
April 16
April 30
May 14

All of these dates are Wednesdays, and the actual update, as always, may be plus or minus one day.

No Content This Week

Ugh. The skald has gotten sick again. Though not as bad as in January when I suspected the flu, the timing is more inconvenient this time. So for this week, the blog is taking a sick day and there is no new poem or other content to post. As a brief note for the future, my experiment in writing slam poetry in the alliterative meters is going quite well, and posts of either a whole slam poem or some short previews are likely in the next month.