New Year’s Renewal

Continuing my holiday theme from last week, I present a short poem in honor of the New Year. It is in three stanzas of fornyrðislag. Its title is “New Year’s Renewal.”

With dark tide’s passing
the dullness departs,
and the dawning day
deems a new year.
The seeds open
and seek to sprout
as new possibilities
in the naked air.

From primal chaos
its promise was made,
and right ritual
readied its gift.
Deep were the drafts
drained in its name
that gave the power
to its glorious purpose.

Needful dearly,
renewal is here;
the turning circle
continues the cycle.
So hail the New Year
for its happy time
of all potential
and ever becoming.

Copyright © 2014 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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