Prayers to the Gods, Part 2

Woot! I’ve finished NaPoWriMo on schedule, having written a poem a day for each day of the month. As mentioned in my last post, I chose to write these 30 poems as prayers to various gods, goddesses, and wights of Asatru, each exactly nine-lines in the style of Anglo-Saxon continuous verse. Today I present another three prayers from the fifteen that I wrote in the second half of the month. They are prayers to Forseti, Jörð, and the Ancestors.

April 19 — Forseti
O famed Forseti of the flowing spring,
you still all strife with stirring counsels,
and your court is best in keeping frith.
From glorious Glitnir, give a hearing:
quell our quarrels, quickly and fairly,
with peaceful solutions that profit all.
Lead us to learn from your lawful ideal,
that we settle suits by seeking fairness
and keep our kindreds with caring frith.

April 21 — Jörð
O holy Jörð, hallowed mother
of mighty Thor, Midgard’s champion,
we honor you always as origin of life.
Bless with bounties so our bodies thrive
and firm our footing in fimbul Midgard
that well our work may wax with gain.
Help us remember our commitment to you,
that we cherish life and by choosing love,
we keep you safe for the sibs to come.

April 24 — Ancestors
O honored Ancestors, ancient and recent,
we praise your deeds with pride today,
for your lives live on in the light of memory.
Deal us reminders of remembrance duties,
that we gladly give our gifts to you.
Watch well and ward your worldly offspring,
that our Folk endures through future days.
Inspire our spirits and spur us to act,
so we win renown that’s worthy of you.

If you’ve enjoyed these prayer poems, you may be wondering if you’ll get to read the other twenty-four. The answer to that is yes, their day is coming. All thirty of the prayer poems will be included in my forthcoming book, which has the working title of “Poetry for Heathen Rites.” It is still a long way off, but I can say now that completion of a full first draft of the book is within sight. The current rough count of the amount of poetry in it is 20,000 words. I’m given to understand that might be a lot for a poetry book. It is certainly no mere chapbook.

Copyright © 2014 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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