Make Yourself Great Again

Truly creation is a time of chaos.
Not petty disorder, but potential vast,
unmanifested, a magical void.
It’s a time of chaos with Trump right now:
the media said it and mouthed it endlessly.
Will America be . . . made great again?
What about you, where do you fit?
Before you knew you, you were great once,
a spark in space of Spirit that shined
with a knowledge of Truth, but you needed experience.
So a womb you entered, with wondrous potential
and memories of the stars that made you strive.
Much you have used, no matter what,
of that great potential for growth in the world.
Nietzsche proclaimed that you needed chaos
for giving birth to a gamboling star.
Did you listen? Did you undertand?
Chaos for a star: you’ve still enough
of your own material, unmanifested
— it’s limitless, really, if you look enough —
deep in your Self. Dive for it now,
with speed from the spark of Spirit you have,
a gift of the gods who gave you life.
Only that chaos in your inner core
can reveal your purpose, your path to victory,
in the world today. Dare to find it,
and begin your creation, glorious and new,
to make your star and make yourself
great again now: you’re gonna be YUGE!


(Were you dreading that this poem would be political commentary? Then you might want to “run away, run away” from my post next week. Whatever your position on the current events of the day, it won’t hurt to try some prayers or some more prayers as you prepare for whatever it is you should be doing.)

Copyright © 2017 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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