Odin’s Brew (Anthology)

Skaldic Eagle Press is now the business of publishing anthologies as well. Our first anthology is a stellar collection of heathen poetry, short stories, and art, with most of its material having never been published before! And it’s here, released as 5″ x 8″ paperback and a Kindle ebook.

Copies will be available directly from Eirik in-person at East Coast Thing 2019 (where all of the nine main contributors are expected to appear!) and elsewhere. If you’ll be there, it’s greatly preferred that you purchase it there — Amazon gets enough money as it is!

Odin’s Brew:
Voices from the Heathen Northeast
Edited by Eirik Westcoat & Ned Bates
Foreword by Ristandi
With contributions by:
Ned Bates
Jill Evans
Stephanie Janicedottir
Laurel Mendes
Mike Smith
Jesseca Trainham
Perris Zoe Weiland
Eirik Westcoat
Copyright © 2019
Skaldic Eagle Press
xiv, 135 pages
Cover photo by Angela Devin
Publication Date: Sunday, August 4, 2019

Trade Paperback. ISBN 9781947407121.
List Price: $15.00. Available from IndieBoundAmazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Kindle Ebook. ISBN 9781947407138.
List Price: $8.99. Exclusively on Amazon, available now!

FAQs and Such.

Q: So, what’s the material breakdown?
A: There is poetry by Ned Bates, Jill Evans, Stephanie Janicedottir, Laurel Mendes, Ristandi, Mike Smith, Jesseca Trainham, Perris Zoe Weiland, and Eirik Westcoat. There are short stories by Ned Bates, Stephanie Janicedottir, and Perris Zoe Weiland. There is art by Jesseca Trainham. Most of Eirik’s material has appeared in print before, but everyone else’s contribution is appearing in print for the first time here. The material is organized by author; putting a full table of contents here would be a bit unwieldy.

Q: Any other credits?
A: The credits for the cover and frontispiece photos are as follows:
• Front cover photo by Angela Devin, cover arch by Bill Dwinnells.
• Back cover photo by Michael Morgan.
• Frontispiece photo by Angela Devin; frontispiece idol by Josh Rood.

Q: What’s it like?
A: Here’s the back cover text:
“For decades, a growing heathen community in the American Northeast has been honoring the Germanic Gods — Odin, Frigg, Tyr, Baldur, Thor, Sif, Idunn, Freyja, Freyr, and many more — through its rituals, festivals, and deeds. Over the years, that devotion has inspired much creative work from those in that community who have tasted Odin’s Brew — the Mead of Inspiration that Odin brought to Asgard and Midgard alike. This volume features nine of the best creative voices from that heathen community. Within, you’ll find poetry, short stories, and art from: Ned Bates, Jill Evans, Stephanie Janicedottir, Laurel Mendes, Ristandi, Mike Smith, Jesseca Trainham, Perris Zoe Weiland, and Eirik Westcoat.”

Q: Why just Kindle and not also Epub?
A: For VPfHR, my Epub numbers are minuscule compared to my Kindle numbers. I am, however, partial to Apple products, and thus Apple iBooks (which does Epub) for all of my ebook reading in non-pdf formats when I can. So I’d gladly do more Epubs if they were worth it.