Call to Thor

I’ve posted a call to Thor previously on this blog, but like all the other ritual calls, it was two stanzas of ljóðaháttr. (See the Minor Poems list for the rest of the calls I’ve posted so far.) Since there is a lot of surviving lore about Thor, a longer call is possible. So today I present a seven stanza ljóðaháttr call to Thor. Like much of my poetry on my blog, it will be included in my upcoming book. It is titled “Call to Thor.”

Thunderous Thor,
Asgard’s chosen champion,
we boast of your might
and bounty of main
in the call we declare today.

At Grjótúnagarðar,
in the greatest of duels,
heavy Hrungnir you slew.
Glorious honor
you gained that day,
strengthening the god’s establishment.

The serpent you challenged
and smote with your hammer
while fishing in far-off waters.
In farthest future,
you’ll fight again
and sunder that snake at last.

With molten iron
you offed Geirröð
in that brutal play of battle.
Thrym you thrashed,
that thoughtless etin
who dared to hoist your hammer.

Famed among gods,
your family is honored
by your deeds and doings of might:
Sif your wife,
and your sons and daughter,
Móði, Magni, and Thrúð.

Your hall stands
in the home of strength:
Bilskirnir is biggest of all.
With Tooth-Gnasher
and Tooth-Grinder,
your chariot charges quickly.

Drive your goats,
gallop onward,
and reach our holy hearth.
Hear our call,
and come today:
join us in frith as fellows,
join us with might and main.

Copyright © 2014 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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