Eagle’s Mead Anniversary and Patreon Update

Today, March 20, 2022 marks the three-year anniversary of the release of my second poetry book, Eagle’s Mead, in the midst of my PhD studies at the time. In those three years, it’s received three ratings (all five stars) but no reviews on Amazon. In comparison, my first book, Viking Poetry for Heathen Rites, has 34 ratings and six reviews. If you’ve read my Eagle’s Mead, please consider celebrating its anniversary by leaving a review for it. It’s the book that I like most of my poetry publications so far, and it is very much a “Skaldic Eagle” book. (As for VPfHR, its five-year anniversary is coming up in early July.)

In other news, my Patreon launch continues to go well, and I have twelve patrons at this time. So far, there have been three main content posts on each Wednesday of this month, plus a few extra tidbits. If you look back to my post of January 23 this year, you’ll see mention of something called “Book 3”—the first preview of a tiny portion of it will be coming to my Patreon site this Wednesday, March 23, for my patrons at the Feed the Eagle tier. The post will look at some of the Norse gods associated with poetry.


Launched! A Skaldic Eagle on Patreon

With the new moon on this Woden’s Day, I’ve launched my patreon site! Here’s the link:


You’ll also see that the link has been added to the sidebar.

The launch poem, “A Skaldic Eagle in the World” is available as the first post-launch poem for patrons at all tiers. And this just the beginning. I’ve got lots of other exciting things in the works—see my patreon site or some of my earlier posts this year for details or hints.

I’m going to fly quite a distance with this. Will you be joining the journey?