Iðunn’s Abduction, Part 1

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that the types of poems I write include short ritual dramas that could potentially be performed in front of an audience. Now it’s time for an example of one of those. Here I present the abduction of Iðunn, based on the version of the tale in Snorri’s Edda. There are a total of nine parts in various meters. The narrator’s part is in fornyrðislag. The parts of the eight other characters are in ljóðaháttr, with some pieces in galdralag where appropriate. Only the words to be spoken are included; matters of costume, stage directions, sets, and so on have been left to those more talented at such things than I am. I present it here in three parts. Part one is below, and parts two and three will follow in the next two weeks.

The various roles and their stanza lengths are as follows:

Narrator: 15 stanzas
Óðinn: 5 stanzas
Þjazi: 3 stanzas
Loki: 6.5 stanzas
Hœnir: 1.5 stanzas
Iðunn: 1.5 stanzas
Skaði: 2 stanzas
Njörðr: 0.5 stanzas
Freyja: 1 stanza

The Abduction of Iðunn, Part 1

“Hœnir and Loki
were hiking with Óðinn
across the wastelands
and wilderness paths;
the hungry gods,
from a herd they took
and in earth oven
an ox they would cook.”

“A glorious feast
of this great beast
will help to ease our hunger.”

“But uncooked the ox
in the oven remained
when once and twice
they tested the meat.
Their supper delayed
they sought a reason
and an eagle they heard
in the oak above.”

“For what rhyme or reason
is the roast delayed?
I suspect an evil spell.”

“I am the cause
of the cooking’s delay;
alone I bear the blame.
Graciously grant
my goodly fill,
and the ox in the oven will cook.”

“Let others decide
the action we take
in the matter of eagle and ox.”

“To hasten our supper
I say we hearken
to the eagle’s offer now.”

“And well we should,
though wary I be
of this eagle looming and large.
We’ll take, eagle,
the terms you offer;
now have your fill of food.”

“I’ll eat my fill
of ox-flesh now;
mind not what I munch.”

“On the oven to eat
the eagle sat down;
he ate the shoulders
and eagerly the hams.”

“That’s much too much
you miserable brat;
For pride I’ll make you pay.”

“The eagle was attacked
by angry Loki,
he struck with a stick
but it stuck in place
against the eagle
when up it flew;
he was carried away,
crying for truce.”

“Let me go,
you greedy monster;
just say what you want!”

“With her apples,
bring Iðunn alone
outside of Asgard’s walls.”

“Alright, alright!
I really will do it!
Please now put me down!”

[To be continued in Part 2 next week.]

Copyright © 2012 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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