Hail the Gods (Bookling)

Recognizing that Eirik’s two major books (Viking Poetry for Heathen Rites and Eagle’s Mead) are rather weighty tomes (“grand gestures,” if you like), Skaldic Eagle Press will be bringing you lighter and friendlier volumes featuring some of the best poetry from these two books, and they will be priced to be more affordable. They will not include any new material. The format is more in line with what many probably think of as poetry books. Here, we call these the “booklings.” Each bookling will be released as 5″ x 8″ paperback and as a Kindle ebook.

The first bookling, Hail the Gods, was officially published on Tuesday, October 22, 2019.

Hail the Gods:
Selections from Viking Poetry for Heathen Rites
Copyright © 2019 Eirik Westcoat
Skaldic Eagle Press
viii, 81 pages
Cover art by Ermenegilda Muller

Trade Paperback. ISBN 9781947407107.
List Price: $9.00. Available from IndieBoundAmazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, and Barnes & Noble. Also available on many other Amazon sites around the world, just search on the book’s name or ISBN number.

Kindle Ebook. ISBN 9781947407114.
List Price: $4.79. Exclusively on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, and many other Amazon sites: just search on the book’s name or ISBN number.

FAQs and Such.

Q: I’m looking to try your stuff on a budget. Is this the book for me?
A: Yes! The paperback will be $9.00 and the Kindle will be $4.79.

Q: That cover art is amazing!
A: Yes, it is, and it’s a full front-spine-back wrap-around knotwork, made by Ermenegilda Muller.

Q: If I already have VPfHR, do I need this book?
A: Strictly speaking, no. There is no material in HtG that isn’t already in VPfHR.

Q: So what exactly is in it?
A: Check any of the Amazon listings for the book, and there, the “Look Inside” feature will let you see the table of contents, among other things.

Q: Will there be a second bookling of material from VPfHR?
A: I’m not planning to make one, but if there’s demand, I could do one of the calls and prayers from VPfHR.

Q: Will booklings of material from VPfHR eventually duplicate the entirety of VPfHR?
A: No. Even if I did more booklings from VPfHR, they will never cover everything that’s in VPfHR. The same goes for the forthcoming bookings of material from Eagle’s Mead.

Q: What about booklings of material from Eagle’s Mead?
A: There will be one of these. As booklings go, this will perhaps be more significant, since there is no paperback of Eagle’s Mead, only a hardcover at $33, so a $9 bookling is a very large step-down in price to get some of that material. Midsummer 2020 is the current target for its release.

Q: Why just Kindle and not also Epub?
A: For VPfHR, my Epub numbers are minuscule compared to my Kindle numbers. I am, however, partial to Apple products, and thus Apple iBooks (which does Epub) for all of my ebook reading in non-pdf formats when I can. So I’d gladly do more Epubs if they were worth it.