Eirik makes carved and colored runic goods — a rare thing in a world overflowing with wood-burning — and some of his creations are available to you through his Etsy shop:

There are rune wands such as this alu:fuþark wand made of eastern black oak:

Black Oak Wand

Also, there are rune lots such as this set made from birch:

Birch Rune Lots

Eirik can also make more elaborate custom orders, such as this coiled serpent elder futhark rune wand:

All items are hand-carved and colored with high-quality oil paints, and finished with linseed oil.

Why carved and colored? While wood-burning is certainly beautiful when done by the hands of a skilled artisan, it is nevertheless a relatively quick process that makes a fairly light impression on the wood. Carving and coloring represents a stronger act of will to more deeply impress the runes into the wand, both figuratively and literally. And, of course, because Eirik answers affirmatively to Odin’s questions about the runes from Hávamál 144, which include these especially pertinent two:

Veiztu hvé rísta skal? (Do you know how to carve?)
Veiztu hvé fá skal? (Do you know how to color?)

Inquiries for custom orders are welcomed. Just contact Eirik through his Etsy shop, or by email at: