Eirik Westcoat has been on a quest for Óðrœrir—the Mead of Poetry, which makes whoever drinks it into a skald and/or scholar—ever since he realized it truly existed back in 2010. For him, the pursuit of this greatest of meads is closely connected to similar pursuits of Mystery and Ascent. Extremely dedicated to rune-work, he credits it with nothing less than the complete transformation of his life.

True to the imperative of the Skaldic Eagle, he seeks to bring the discoveries of his quests to many different audiences. He has presented his scholarly works at various academic conferences and in academic journals—most notably the International Congress on Medieval Studies and Saga-Book, respectively. Also, he has presented his more inspirational and practical work on skaldcraft and Norse mythology—and recited his poetry, of course—at numerous Asatru gatherings. He has published two major books of poetry that bring the Mead he has won to his widest audience yet.

Ever-mindful that one can get too caught up in the abstract, he occasionally crafts physical runic talismans, wands, and lots in wood to keep himself grounded. He aspires to make more intricate wood carvings as well as larger-scale projects in stone. Nevertheless, his intense focus on things academic, poetical, and magical makes him like Odin who gave an eye in exchange for wisdom, in the sense that Eirik has lost an “eye” for viewing the mundane world.

He lives life as a great adventure. After finishing a two-year adventure abroad in Iceland and Norway, where he earned an MA/MPhil in Viking & Medieval Norse Studies, he returned to Iceland, where he earned a PhD in Icelandic Literature. Eirik currently lives in southwestern Pennsylvania, where he enjoys bonfires, fine cigars, and grow walnut trees. However, there’s a good chance he’ll be flying off on another great adventure before too long.

[Last updated January 23, 2022.]