Staves for Daily Use, Part 2

Continuing from last week, here are four more staves. Each is one stanza of ljóðaháttr as before. The Moon Stave deserves a few remarks, however. The beginning of it, like last week’s Sun Stave, is actually based on lines from the Eddic poem Alvíssmál. There, in stanza 16, Alvíss says that the sun is called Sól among men and Sunna among the gods. Those two names are well-known among Asatruar. However, in the parallel line from stanza 14, Alvíss says that the moon is called Máni among men and Mylinn among the gods. The name Máni is well-known among Asatruar, but Mylinn does not have much currency, and will probably strike many as odd, at least at first. The pattern in both staves, of course, is that of honoring the divine being named in the first line through the physical manifestation named in the second line.

Food Stave

For the might and main
through this meal I gain,
my thanks I give to the gods.
Let their blessings bring
to my being the strength
that enables worthy works.

Drink Stave

May this draught I drink
drive me onward
to honor ancestors with deeds.
The gift of life
they’ve given to me;
may I well return their weal.

Moon Stave

Mylinn I hail
in Máni’s bright light;
may night bring needed rest.
May your shining light
give me surest might
through worlds beyond awareness.

Sleeping Stave

I rightly ride
to realm of sleep,
restoring the strength in my soul.
Let the greatest tales
of gods and heroes
bring might and main through dreams.

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
If you like, try reciting these for personal use. All other rights reserved.


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