Solar Eclipse

So seldom seen by the sundry peoples,
a total eclipse of Terra’s sun
is an “awesome event,” in all the senses
of that phrase’s morphemes, former and modern.
Recently now, in a rare occurance
with the grandest style, the Great American
Solar Eclipse bisected the country;
from sea to sea the sun went dark.
We know the material and temporal science
of why it occurs, but what beyond
are the higher meanings of this hallowed sight
and its upward opening to the awe of Spirit?
A truth is told by a tale of the lore
of elder times when all was young:
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My great pilgrimage gains momentum
in a Honda Civic on a highway turnpike
through a lengthy drive to the land of Michigan
with a particular stop at a travel plaza
for a franchise coffee and a franchise bagel
on the journey there. Just right it must be,
the faring out and its four hundred
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The Roots of Trees

Consider a tree, seemingly ordinary,
to learn the model and life of the others:
the tree within and the Tree without.
Of trees we see the trunk and branches
with beautiful leaves and bright flowers:
luscious wonders. But lurking beneath
the soil’s surface are the secret roots
in that darkest realm of deep unknowns,
where mysteries lurk, tremendous Runes.
So, to truly know a tree’s full life,
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