Háskólavísur 10: The Suns of Summer

The days passed and lengthened as the spring semester came to its final end, with the skald having won total victory over all the classes and exams. But it was time to head onward to future adventures. After a tearful goodbye, the Skald left Iceland, returning to his homeland just in time for the hot and humid summer and its bright and searing sun. After a long rest, the Skald reflected on his travels, the sun as a metaphor, and his upcoming journey to Norway and composed this verse:

In sorrow I left for southern lands,
alone to fly and from my lady parted,
to a sleep of a sort in a summer rest.
It readies my heart for the road ahead,
for new opportunities and needful adventures.
The suns of summer, searing brightly,
give guidance and grace for the goals I seek
through healing heat and harsh strong light:
both outer sun and inner sun,
the bright day sun and black dark sun.
They rise and set and right my heading
as I turn my thoughts to the travels ahead
in that elder land of the old Bragi
for seeking the Runes and seeking the Mead.

Copyright © 2015 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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