Less Than 10 Days Until My Patreon Launch!

Today I have an update about the kind of content and tiers that I’ll be launching my Patreon site with, on March 2 in the early afternoon, and, of course, eagle themes abound.

“Ready the Roost” is the first of three tiers, at $3/month. For my “Roosters,” I’ll be posting poems and audio recordings of poems.

“Build the Nest” is the second of three tiers, at $6/month. My “Builders” get those poem & audio recordings, plus my essay content, both esoteric and academic excerpts. Note that the essay content is especially unlikely to ever appear on this blog.

“Feed the Eagle” is the third of three tiers, at $9/month. My “Feeders” get everything mentioned so far, plus access to exclusive posts in which I teach what I know about writing “Viking Poetry” in English in today’s world. These posts certainly won’t appear on this blog, and they probably won’t appear anywhere else until they’re collected into a book in a some years’ time.

For those unfamiliar with Old Norse poetry, the name of this final tier comes from kennings used in skaldic poetry, where to feed an eagle, wolf, or raven is a metaphor that means killing enemies in battle, since corpses are food for these creatures. You can see examples of this in the kennings for “corpse” that are listed on the Skaldic Project’s website. But for $9/month, you can feed this Eagle without having to kill anyone in battle. And there are still “corpses” involved, it’s just that they are pictures of dead people on green pieces of paper. 😀

Those are the main tiers and what will comprise the regular content posts. I’ll probably have the occasional off-topic posts also.


My Poetry Is in a New Rune Poems Anthology!

That anthology I mentioned a few weeks ago has now been announced by the publisher:

The Rune Poems: A Reawakened Tradition
Edited by P.D. Brown and Michael Moynihan
Published by Arcana Europa / Gilded Books

It is now available for preorder at the publisher’s website. I have contributed the following three rune poems to this anthology:

  • The Elder Fuþark
  • A Tally of Staves
  • Rúnagaldraljóð

I proofread the whole thing for P.D. and Michael, so I have already seen first-hand how truly amazing this book is. My fellow contributors are a very august company to be printed with. The 15 contributors include writers, poets, musicians (including three lead singers in renowned neofolk bands), occultists, artists, and scholars (five PhDs, including myself).

Part 1 of the book includes the well-known traditional ancient rune poems (Old English, Old Icelandic, Old Norwegian, Abecedarium Nordmannicum) with excellent new translations by Dr. Michael Moynihan, with an abundance of helpful notes. There is also much new material on the little-known and little-studied Early Modern Swedish Rune Poem, complete with a translation.

Part 2 is where the magic is, with a collection of new modern rune poems that reawaken and continue the rune poem tradition. There are 19 written poems, 15 of which are written in English, with one poem each in German, Polish, French, and Old Saxon, all with English translations; plus 1 visual poem, consisting of 24 wood-burned images. I’ve seen the original 24 woodblocks of that visual poem, and while black and white photos ultimately cannot do it justice, I think this book treats us to the best possible black and white capture of it. The written poems are all profound, deep, and overflowing with the Mead of Inspiration.

The cover art of this fine volume is by Dawid Rudziński, who also made the above-mentioned visual poem and the stellar artwork that graces the covers of my Eagle’s Mead.

This is a must-have volume for anyone who seeks esoteric wisdom through either the Runes or the Mead of Poetry.

My Patreon Launch Date: March 2

The date is set! I’ll be launching my Patreon on March 2—the first Woden’s Day of the month and a new moon, as is appropriate for this sort of thing. Thereafter, main content posts will be on Wednesdays—at least the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month, but I’ll aim a bit higher and post on the 1st through 4th Wednesdays of March, and hopefully April as well, and see if it is sustainable from there. For the months that have a 5th Wednesday, I think I will do something different.

What strange wonders lie straight ahead
in this unknown realm of online work?
Who among you is the Mead calling
to join this journey on its joyous start?

As a sneak preview of what’s coming up, here are some of the possible names for the various patron tiers that are planned:

  • Incubate the Eggs
  • Feed the Eagle
  • The Wind Beneath my Wings
  • The Sky that Supports Me
  • The Sun that Guides Me
  • Give Mead to the Eagle

I suspect there will be at least three tiers to start, and it’s pretty much certain that “Feed the Eagle” will be one of them. 😀