A Runic Poem of the Nine Noble Virtues

Over a year ago, I posted a poem about the Nine Noble Virtues. Today I present a second poem on the Nine Noble Virtues, one that takes a different approach. For this poem, I went through the rune staves of the Elder Futhark and paired a single stave to each of the virtues. It is in six stanzas of fornyrðislag. The names of the runes and the virtues are capitalized here.

A mainful song
I sing of virtues;
nine they number,
noble they be.
Useful to have,
they help my quest,
riding the road
to Runes and Mead.

I bless with Dagaz
for brightest Truth;
for leading my life
that light is a guide.
I name Nauthiz
for needed Self-Reliance;
my resources within
are a ready friend.

I galdor Isa
for good Discipline;
governing myself
is the greatest power.
I carve Kenaz
for keen Industriousness;
doing as dwarves
drives my success.

I utter Eihwaz
for awesome Perseverance;
enduring as yew
is useful deeply.
I utter Uruz
for aurochs’ Courage;
the boldness of beast
is best for action.

I carve Tiwaz
for trusty Fidelity
to fetch and self
and folk and gods.
I galdor Gebo
for good Hospitality:
a gift for a gift
in glad exchange.

I sing Sowilo
for essential Honor;
my will and words
and works accord.
Value and victory
these virtues give;
needful to know
are the nine I’ve sung.

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.

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