More Calls to the Gods and Others

It is time for some more calls to the gods and other wights; it was in late November that I last posted some. Like the previous ones, these calls are also two stanzas of ljóðaháttr. Today I’m presenting calls to Thor, the Elves, the Aesir, and the Vanir. (The astute and well-read may notice some Dumezilian trifunctional aspects adapted into the last two.)

To avoid confusion, I have omitted the stanza break after the sixth line of each call. Also, it should be noted that in each call, the word “today” may be replaced with “tonight” without damaging the meter. The same goes for replacing “our” and “us” with “my” and “me” in each call.

Hail Thor,
thunderer holy,
greatest in might and main!
Your hall stands
in the home of strength;
Bilskirnir is biggest of all.
Drive your goats,
galloping onward
toward our holy hearth.
Hear our call,
come today:
join us glad in grith.

Hail the Elves,
at home in the air,
the spirits of honored ancestors.
With beauty greater
than the glorious sun,
you are the fairest friends of the Aesir.
Soar through sky,
soar through clouds,
stream to our stead in frith;
hear our call,
come today:
bring us your loftiest light.

Hail the Aesir,
that awesome tribe
of mighty gods and goddesses.
Sovereign main
and soldiers’ might
your bring to Midgard’s Men.
Riding right,
to our realm journey,
from Asgard’s strong estate.
Hear our call,
come today:
bring us life and light!

Hail the Vanir
that virtuous tribe
of mighty gods and goddesses!
Peace and plenty
and prosperous seasons
you bring to Midgard’s Men.
Striding strong,
to our stead journey
from Vanaheim’s fields and forests.
Hear our call,
come today:
bring us health and heart!

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
Try these calls in your rituals! All other rights reserved.


3 thoughts on “More Calls to the Gods and Others

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