Xicoy and the Heart

The call goes forth, the clamor resounds:
Return to the Heart! The time is at hand
for this holy work that’ll heal the world.
And so Grails go forth, with the glory of Spirit
as shining emissaries to show the way.
From forests of rain, forth she has come,
cheerful Xicoy, the chocolate goddess,
carrying a secret of the Sacred Cup.
Kin to Óðrœrir, cousin of Absinthe,
her spirit is rare and especially hard
to find today. For found she is not
in the over-produced, endless supply
of modified candy that’s manufactured
from deracinated beans into regular bars.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s good to eat;
the ordinary cacao is an excellent treat,
but severed was its link to the source of Spirit.
Something scared was certainly lost
in the economies of scale that carried chocolate
to a hell of quantity, from the height of quality,
to a food of the masses, from a food of the gods.
So reserved she is for the zealous seekers
who Understand that the awesome power
in this magical plant from the Maya requires
careful cultivation and craft in producing
an heirloom variety of Criollo beans.
With a paucity of heat the paste must be ground
to make the magical ceremonial grade.
Enjoy with reverence and joy as well
this primal strain in its purest form
of water and cacao, whisked together.
No sugar is required to sweeten the drink,
it is rich and delicious, just right as it is.
Allow her energy to alight in your heart,
expanding its space for Spirit’s entry.
Heart Blood she is, and on a holy mission
to open our hearts to all that is love,
that we may come to know Condwir Amurs,
that Love Leads the Way, and go later on
to powerfully know Repanse de Schoye,
an Overflow of Happiness, and for all, compassion.
A shift is coming, led by shining Spirit,
with Xicoy’s chocolate as a chosen emissary,
so know her anew in her needful drink
that’s food for the shift, and find your way
in these times of trouble and Return to your Heart!

(Seek the mysteries, in Cacao.)

Copyright © 2018 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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