Háskólavísur 09: The Heart of the Slain

The spring semester had attacked with a greater force than the fall semester, but Eirik skald had read the runes aright and was even more prepared this time around. In late March, the semester’s elite vanguard, a particular long essay, had fallen like Hrungnir, leaving the rest of its forces utterly demoralized. The Skald proceeded to easily strike down the rest one by one, until the semester had only two champions remaining, at which point the Skald celebrated a brief rest with rum and cigars. As the Skald prepared to face those last two champions, he reflected on the most Sacred Heart that he won from the slain essay and composed this verse:

I sought the Grail, that sacred Stone,
in tales time-tested of the Trú Norræn
and found my goal in those famed kernels,
the Sacred Heart of the slain Hǫgni,
which trembled not, though taken from him,
and the steadiest stone of a stalwart etin,
one brave enough to battle Thor
in bold combat on the border land:
Hrungnis Hjarta, hardened and spiked.
Through essay I carved this awesome gain,
attested in glyphs on the treasures of Gotland,
in mind and memory for my might’s increase:
the Holy Valknut, the Heart of the Slain.

Copyright © 2015 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


One thought on “Háskólavísur 09: The Heart of the Slain

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