Eagle’s Mead: Now Available!

Eagle’s Mead:
Initiatory Poetry and Prose
Copyright © 2019 Eirik Westcoat
Skaldic Eagle Press
xvi, 302 pages
Cover art by David Rudziński

Today, as heathens celebrate Ostara, the goddess of the dawn, on the spring equinox, my other book of poetry has finally arrived! Most of its content has never appeared on my blog or anywhere else. Now available in hardcover only. The official publication date is March 20, 2019.

This is a book for initiates, magicians, occultists, esotericists, sages, heathen prophets, and other travelers of the hidden realms, one that will not be understood by others.

To find it, either this IndieBound linkAmazon link, or Barnes & Noble link will take you to the casewrap hardcover edition, where it is now available.

Various other Amazon country-sites have it listed also. However, many of the non-U.S. Amazon sites are showing things like “Temporarily out of stock” or “Usually dispatched within 1 to 3 months.” Unfortunately, this seems to be the norm with Amazon and print-on-demand hardcovers. The book should print when you order it. Some Amazon sites show these statuses for the hardcover of my first book, even when it’s been available without interruption or changes since July 2017! In any case, rest assured that the book indeed is now released, whatever status the sites may be showing.

For further details, including a brief table of contents, see my Press / Books page.