The Skaldic Eagle Takes Flight

The Skaldic Eagle soars through the sky, ever seeking the brilliance of the Sun above, for his is a Solar path. He flies in the heights among the mountains—those bright, rarefied, clear, and cold realms of grandeur—but also through the deep valleys and dark caves, the secret places where Lunar currents lurk. Like Odin, his exemplar, he seeks to synthesize the runes of both these extremes into great treasures of Spirit. Also like Odin, he is more often than not, a solitary wanderer throughout the worlds. Most importantly, however, he is a poet like Odin—for it was Odin himself who became the very first Skaldic Eagle when he liberated the art of poetry from the world of the giants and brought it to gods and men in the form of an Eagle.

The Skaldic Eagle’s true home is perched high on a rocky crag, close to the heavens—close to Asgard, close to Valhalla. Exalting the majestic over the mundane, he seeks to cultivate an aristocratic soul with a noble, or even regal, bearing. As such, he is beyond the senseless squabbles of those mired in the petty dualisms of the earth-bound realms, and he recognizes the values to be found in both ends of many spectrums (such as left vs. right, urban vs. rural, universalist vs. folkish).

Yet he too must occasionally return to those earth-bound realms. For the Skaldic Eagle recognizes that his nobility obligates him to be a culture hero who brings those treasures of Spirit to the earth-bound—and teach a select few of them how to soar as he does. Thus, he alights on many trees and brings his gifts to all worthy folk, wherever they may fall on those many spectrums.

Just what are those gifts? Poetry, runes, and tradition that provide a link to Spirit, that special something that reassures you that you’re part of something greater—connected to the gods and the folk—and that there is meaning for your life in the here and now and a place for you in the world. It’s the antidote for a depressing, nihilistic world without meaning, a world stuck in the drab and mundane, a world that seems to careen ever closer to the infernal realms each day.

For those who seek something more than the mundane, something from Beyond, who know that a strict rational-materialism can never truly nurture the soul, the Skaldic Eagle takes flight.