More Poetic Hallowings

This week I have some more poetic hallowings share. It has been quite a while since I last posted some hallowings. Today I present a fire warding, a sword warding, and a three wells water warding. Like the previous set, they are designed for the hallowing of what is ordinarily profane space in preparation for Asatru ritual. They should be done with the tools mentioned. That is, if you’re reciting the sword warding to hallow your ritual space, it is best to actually carry a sword at the time. Also, if possible, one should walk the boundaries of the space to be hallowed when reciting them. These are all written in fornyrðislag.

A Fire Warding

This brightly burning
and blazing fire
hallows and holds
our holy stead.
These boundaries meet
by brand are marked
and kept secure
for our kindred work.

A Sword Warding

With sword I circle
this site of work
and mark with main
its mighty boundaries.
By strength of steel
this stead is blessed
and hallowed with will
for helpful wights.

A Three Wells Water Warding

From Hvergelmir’s Well,
this water I sprinkle
to hallow and hold
our holy stead.
That primal power
makes pure this realm;
for working our will,
well it cleanses.

From Mímir’s Well,
this water I sprinkle
to hallow and hold
our holy stead;
the might and main
of memory and wisdom
is boon and blessing
to the best of wights.

From Urð’s Well,
this water I sprinkle
to halllow and hold
our holy stead;
the workings of wyrd
will ward us now,
and keep secure
our kindred work.

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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