A Sumbel Toast to the Folk

Today I finish the special sequence of elaborate sumbel toasts that I started with a toast to Odin in January and continued with a toast to the Einherjar in September. This third and final toast of the sequence was written for the third round of a typical sumbel, wherein one may present oaths, boasts, or any sort of toast that would not fit in the first two rounds. In particular, one may toast living people, which is disallowed in the first two rounds, as the living are not gods or ancestors while they are still alive! Rather than toast any one particular living person, this final toast is to the living collective of modern heathens known as the Folk. Just like the previous two toasts of the sequence, it is written as a seven stanza ljóðaháttr drápa with the final stanza ending in a galdralag couplet; the refrain is italicized. As with the other toasts, I have completely anglicized the spelling of the Norse names and words.

To the Folk’s future
forward I look,
and praise the past as well;
A full horn I raise
to the Folk today —
the modern heathen heroes.

Hail to the Folk
of heathen faith,
who struggle to restore that troth!
We aim to emulate
the Einherjar well
through our mighty works and words.

Our local kindreds
labor with pride;
the fame of our Folk is growing.

To the Chiefs and Elders
who’ve chosen to lead
and bear that burden well,
and the heroes who work
behind the scenes —
thanks and praise I pour.

Our national groups
have a needed place;
the fame of our Folk is growing.

To the serious seekers,
for their solitary work
following in Odin’s footsteps,
who quaff the mead
and quest for the runes —
honor and pride I pour.

Always onward,
our efforts continue
to brighten the raven banner;
for the groundwork laid
for a glorious future,
Hail to our holy might,
Hail to us Heathen Folk!

Copyright © 2013 Eirik Westcoat.
All rights reserved.


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