Some Poetic Calls to the Gods and Others

In an Asatru blót, blessing, or faining, it is usual to include calls to the gods, goddesses, or other wights being honored. I’ve written quite a number of these as two-stanza calls in ljóðaháttr. Where possible, the calls will make use of the available lore on their subject. Today I’m presenting calls to Óðinn, Freyja, Bragi, the Dwarves, and the Landvættir.

To avoid confusion, I have omitted the stanza break after the sixth line of each call. Also, it should be noted that in each call, the word “today” may be replaced with “tonight” without damaging the meter. The same goes for replacing “our” and “us” with “my” and “me” in each call.

Hail Óðinn
highest of gods
and pourer of poetry’s mead.
Lord of the Runes,
looking for wisdom,
you hung on that holy tree.
Ride on Sleipnir,
seek our stead
from Glaðsheim gallop swiftly.
Hear our call,
come today:
join our joyful gathering!

Hail Freyja
famous Lady,
wise woman of seið.
On Fólkvang fair
is found your hall,
Sessrúmnir seats your host.
Drive your cart
drawn by cats,
ride to our rightful gathering.
Hear our call,
come today:
join us in fun and frolick.

Hail Bragi,
the best of skálds,
husband to Iðunn of apples.
Son of Óðinn,
sire of poetry,
your staves and stanzas shine.
With runes on your tongue,
ride to our stead
and speak a spell in verse.
Hear our call,
come today:
bring us a bounty of song.

Hail the Dwarves
in dark-elf home,
makers of mighty treasures.
With gleaming gold
and glowing iron,
your skill is best and brightest.
Burrow through rock,
burrow through soil,
but avoid the searing sun.
Hear our call,
come today:
bring us your keenest craft.

Hail the Landvættir,
the holy spirits
who ward both land and life.
You roam and rest
in rocks and trees
and live on might and main.
From forest and field,
fare to our stead,
arrive at our garth in grith.
Hear our call,
come today:
share in our brightest blessing.

Copyright © 2012 Eirik Westcoat.
Try these calls in your rituals! All other rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Some Poetic Calls to the Gods and Others

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