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If you’re new here, or even if you’re already a fan of my work, here’s the overview of what I’m about from the cruising altitude of skaldic eagles:

The Skaldic Eagle helps today’s Vikings find magic and meaning through poetry and runes so they can engage with their tribes and their gods in more empowering, authentic, and traditional ways.

For the more-detailed version, check out two of my prose pages, The Skaldic Eagle Takes Flight and Bio, and a poetry post, A Skaldic Eagle Takes Flight.

Right now, my blog here is the central station for that mission. (But watch for a Patreon, coming soon!) My blog posts are mostly poetry and occur roughly once a week at their maximum frequency. (Hiatuses have occurred before and will inevitably occur again.) Less frequently, I will blog about my scholarly and rune-crafting endeavors. But don’t worry if you’ve missed posts. My Scholarship page lists all of my freely-avaliable academic works (including my MPhil thesis!), and my Rune-Craft page lists my available pre-made and custom rune carvings that are available through my Etsy store. (My Etsy store is closed indefinitely, but contact me if you’re interested in a custom commission.) Under the Poetry & Content menu, you can find links to my poetry, my audio recordings, and my miscellaneous posts.

Of course, the complete list of poems on the Poetry page is a bit long, so here’s six of my favorites that I recommend starting with:

Absinthe: A Call to the Green Fairy
Ancient and Modern Dragons
Mead Quest
Sumbel Toast to Odin
Rúnatal: A Poetic Translation

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Deeply Drink of the Dearest Mead!

[Last updated January 23, 2022.]