Performances in Reykjavík!

Wassail! The Skaldic Eagle will be landing for three shows in early July as part of the first Reykjavík Fringe Festival. What does this mean?

The Skaldic Eagle performs Viking poetry in Viking meters to bring the old gods and old ways to today’s world. Considering himself an archaeo-formalist poet, the Skaldic Eagle not only believes in meter, but also in the Viking view of poetry that considered it to be a precious mead that was a gift from the gods to mankind. This is poetry for around a campfire or in a mead-hall, and poetry for exalting the majestic over the mundane. He is truly in a class of his own, one that is neither slam poet nor MFA poet. The performance will have two kinds of poems. Some will be poems of the ancient world: these are new compositions of stories from Viking mythology. The others will be poems of the modern world that frequently look back to tradition to find their grounding, filled with literary and cultural allusions.

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For the Facebook events pages for the shows, see the following:

July 4: 17:00-18:00 (Gaukurinn)
July 6: 18:20-19:20 (Icelandic Craft Bar / Secret Cellar)
July 8: 19:40-20:40 (Icelandic Craft Bar / Secret Cellar)