The Six Treasures

It’s way past time for a new poem. My aim now is to update this blog at least weekly, and this may be chaotic at first, but here goes…

In the Prose Edda, there are many fine stories that unfortunately have no poetic counterparts in the Poetic Edda or other ancient sources. One of these is the tale of the creation of the treasures of the gods. Thus I have made a modern English poetic version of it in the ljóðaháttr style that goes to the point where the gods judge the treasures — it does not include Brokk’s attempt to collect on the wager. (Generally, Old Norse names in the poem are rendered in Old Norse, but not always — you’ll probably notice the strange characters.)

I presented this poem at the East Coast Thing’s Skaldic Competition in 2011, where it won first place in the spoken word category. It has also been a favorite of the kindred I’m in.

The poem is called “The Six Treasures”

Bölverk’s bounty
I bear tonight
and pour a portion to share.
I tell a tale
of treasures six,
owned by our awesome gods.

The beautiful locks
of alluring Sif
were sheared by mischief’s maker;
Thor was wroth,
raged at Loki,
demanded he find a fix!

Then Loki wended
to the world of dwarves,
their skill he schemed to hire.
The smiths began,
the sons of Ivaldi:
Goldlocks they gleamingly shaped.

The smiths continued,
the sons of Ivaldi:
Skíðblaðnir they skillfully shaped.
The smiths finished,
the sons of Ivaldi:
Gungnir they grimly shaped.

Then Loki wended
to wager with Brokk
against the greatness of treasures.
A swine’s skin
by skillful Eitri
was forged to gleaming Gullinbursti.

Glowing gold
by gifted Eitri
was forged to dearest Draupnir.
Blazing iron
by brilliant Eitri
was forged to foe of etins,
was forged to mighty Mjöllnir.

Brokk was steady,
on bellows he stayed,
the scheme of the fly he foiled!
Treasures he took
to try in Asgard,
Æsir joining in judgement.

Óðinn and Thor,
and third was Freyr,
the gods who joined in judgement.
The given verdict,
the greatest treasure:
best was bane of etins,
best was mighty Mjöllnir!

Copyright © 2012 Eirik Westcoat
All Rights Reserved


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