Calls to Other Beings

Once again, it is time for some of the most practical poetry that this blog features: calls to various beings from the lore. Although unusual and unexpected, the calls here may be found quite useful by some. Today I present calls to Ancestors, Others, Dag, and Nótt. Like all previous calls, these are also two stanzas of ljóðaháttr each (with the stanza break removed as before). A call to the ancestors is self-explanatory. The call to the Others is a sort of catch-all for friendly beings who might wish to attend the ritual but who are unknown and/or have not specifically been named in prior calls. (That is, the call is designed to follow specific calls to other named beings. It may not make much sense to use the call by itself.) Dag and Nótt are the Old Norse words for Day and Night, although Snorri’s Edda treats them as supernatural beings and provides a genealogy for them. There are probably few who would hold blóts to Dag and Nótt, but some might wish to try reciting the calls on a daily basis at the appropriate times as part of a personal practice.

As before, for those who wish to try these in rituals, it should be noted that in each call, the word “today” may be replaced with “tonight” without damaging the meter. (Except, of course, in the calls to Dag and Nótt, which do not feature those words. To me, it seems inappropriate to ask them to appear outside of their appointed times.) The same goes for replacing “our,” “us,” and “we” with “my,” “me,” and “I” in each call. (The spellings have not been anglicized (except for dropping final -r where it would cause problems of pronunciation, such as in “Dagr”), but note that in the Norse names, the “j” is pronounced like the “y” in “year.”)

Hail the Ancestors,
you holy ancients
and Folk of former days.
Kept in our memories,
your might lives on,
ever a boon and blessing.
From realms beyond,
arrive at our garth,
coming across the veil.
Hear our call
and come today:
join your kin with joy.

Hail to Others,
unasked but friendly:
the wynnful wights and gods
of land and water
and the lofty air,
who come in kinship and frith.
If you wish wend here,
we welcome you now
to our happy and holy stead.
Hear our call
and come today:
join us in merry and mirth.

Hail Dag,
Delling’s son,
you bringer of welcome bright.
Son of Nótt
and sib of Jörð,
we crave the gift your give.
Drive onward
with doughty Skinfaxi
as you ever circle the earth.
Hear our call
and heal the world
with the spirited lift of light.

Hail Nótt,
Nörvi’s daughter,
you bringer of darkness deep.
Mother of Auð,
Mother of Jörð,
we crave the gift you give.
Drive onward
with doughty Hrímfaxi
as your ever circle the earth.
Hear our call
and heal the world
with the rightful rest of dark.

Copyright © 2014 Eirik Westcoat.
Try these calls in your rituals! All other rights reserved.


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