Háskólavísur 07: Nýtt Ár Ríma (New Year Rhyme)

Having reached at last the end of 2014, the skald and his lady enjoyed two Icelandic New Year’s traditions — the bonfires and fireworks. Then Eirik composed this ríma in the ferskeytt meter:

Mighty bonfire, burning fierce
brightly will shine, searing.
Deep it will the darkness pierce,
undimmed things appearing.

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New Year’s Renewal

Continuing my holiday theme from last week, I present a short poem in honor of the New Year. It is in three stanzas of fornyrðislag. Its title is “New Year’s Renewal.”

With dark tide’s passing
the dullness departs,
and the dawning day
deems a new year.
The seeds open
and seek to sprout
as new possibilities
in the naked air.

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