New Year’s Renewal

Continuing my holiday theme from last week, I present a short poem in honor of the New Year. It is in three stanzas of fornyrðislag. Its title is “New Year’s Renewal.”

With dark tide’s passing
the dullness departs,
and the dawning day
deems a new year.
The seeds open
and seek to sprout
as new possibilities
in the naked air.

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Audio for Vetrartímadrápa

Winter is still very much here in the northern hemisphere, and in honor of it, I present an audio recording of my poem Vetrartímadrápa. Last week’s audio, The Six Treasures, was in the ljóðaháttr style. This one, however, is in the fornyrðislag style, so you’ll probably be able to notice a distinct difference in the rhythm between the two poems when recited out loud.

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In Praise of Wintertime

Here is a poem in honor of Wintertime. Its meter is fornyrðislag, but the type of poem is known as a drápa, which is a praise poem with one or more refrains. (In a future post, I will say more about drápur and the different types of poems that I’ve been writing.)

The poem is called “Vetrartímadrápa.” (The name is in Old Norse and simply means “Wintertime drápa.”)

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