Kaldidalur og Fyrir Íslensku Landvættirnar

About my recent four-week trip to Iceland, I could write a very long time. Here, I’ll briefly mention a particular spot connected to poetry that I got to see, which I had not expected. I got to see it on July 20, on a bus tour that stopped in Kaldidalur on the way between Þingvellir and Hraunfoss. I have a poem and a picture after the cut.

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Some Poetic Calls to the Gods and Others

In an Asatru blót, blessing, or faining, it is usual to include calls to the gods, goddesses, or other wights being honored. I’ve written quite a number of these as two-stanza calls in ljóðaháttr. Where possible, the calls will make use of the available lore on their subject. Today I’m presenting calls to Óðinn, Freyja, Bragi, the Dwarves, and the Landvættir.

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