An Ullr Poem

While it is still winter in the northern hemisphere, I present a poem in honor of Ullr, one of the gods most associated with winter. This is perhaps because he is associated with skis, a distinction he shares with Skaði, who is also connected with wintertime.

There is not much lore about Ullr, but I have worked most of it into this poem. In stanza one, the unusual surfing reference comes from the Gesta Danorum by Saxo Grammaticus (which is also the source of the variant name Ollerus). Stanza two is inspired by Atlakviða (stanza 30), which seems to connect Ullr to the swearing of oaths. Ull’s dwelling in Ýdalir is mentioned in Grímnismál 5, though I have added the idea of winter winds being there. The other half of stanza three is inspired by Ull’s connection to hunting via archery. The first half of stanza four is built from the attributes that Snorri ascribes to him (Gylfaginning 31). The poem is in fornyrðislag.

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Audio for Vetrartímadrápa

Winter is still very much here in the northern hemisphere, and in honor of it, I present an audio recording of my poem Vetrartímadrápa. Last week’s audio, The Six Treasures, was in the ljóðaháttr style. This one, however, is in the fornyrðislag style, so you’ll probably be able to notice a distinct difference in the rhythm between the two poems when recited out loud.

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