Audio: A Triad of Sumbel Toasts

I present more audio for the blog. Here is a triad of sumbel toasts, which first appeared as text in this blog back in October 2012. Though it is the eleventh recording for this blog, it is only the first set of toasts to be recorded for it. The toasts are first to the gods and goddesses, then to the ancestors, and then to the kindred I’m in, the Hearth of Yggdrasil.

Here is the downloadable file of me reciting the poem:
Eirik Westcoat – A Triad of Sumbel Toasts

And here is the inline player:

Enjoy! Feel free to share the file. For details, see the Creative Commons link below.

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Toasts to Freyr and Other Beings

Today I present four more short sumbel toasts, one each to Freyr, the elves, the dwarves, and the landwights. All are in ljóðaháttr.

A Toast to Freyr

Hail Freyr,
a friend to all,
and lord of light and elves.
The bane of Beli
is a bringer of frith
we honor for excellent harvest.

Gerð’s husband
is gracious and kind,
that celebrated son of Njörð.
For peace and pleasure,
and prosperous seasons,
Hail to fruitful Freyr!

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Toasts to Heroes and Ancestors

Since all of last week’s toasts were to the gods, this week I present toasts to ancestors and heroes. There are three of them, and each toast is two stanzas of ljóðaháttr.

A Toast to the Ancestors

Hail the ancestors
of elder times,
those famous folk and heroes.
They laid for our lives
the layers in the well —
the might and main of ørlög!

Today we do
our duty to them:
remembering well their works.
A fimbul full-horn
to those folk we raise.
Hail to our honorable ancestors!

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More Short Sumbel Toasts

Today I present four more short sumbel toasts, one each to Thor, Tyr, Heimdall, and Freyja. Each toast is two stanzas of ljóðaháttr. The spellings have all been fully anglicized.

A Toast to Thor

Hail Thor,
thunder’s wielder,
Asgard’s chosen champion;
that bane of etins,
and best of warriors
is father to Modi and Magni.

He slew Hrungnir
and hammered Thrym
with peerless might and main.
For warding well
this world of Midgard,
Hail to thunderous Thor!

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